Main PvE – Info

Getting Connected

Server IP:
Port: 26900
Version: A17.2 Stable

Mods and Changes

  • Simple UI. Backpack is the same size.
  • More zombies outside and fewer sleepers.
  • Zombies are more alert and will likely raid you at night.
  • Zombies respawn more often.
  • Bloodmoon every 2-4 days. Slightly nerfed.
  • Freezing causes max stamina and health reduction over time. Declines faster the colder it gets.
  • Balanced clothing weather resistances. Cloth armor and other items provide cold resistance.
  • 2 custom prefabs of ours and more in the future.

Server Settings

Player Slots: 10
World Size: 4096
PvE: Yes
Difficulty: 1
Block Damage Player: 85%
Block Damage AI: 75%
Block Damage BM: 85%
Loot: 100% and reset every 20 days.
Running: Walk during day, run at night.
Day Settings: 60 minutes, and 18 hours of daylight.
Claim Settings: Full protection for 7 Days offline and 12x health.
Airdrop: Every 4 days